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Products supplied by Duff Pastoral. Prolix, Pasture Plus, Peak F

Prolix Livestock Supplements

Prolix is a palatable, protein enriched, dual blend molasses based liquid supplement for beef and dairy cattle. Prolix contains a balanced profile of essential minerals and vitamins with the added benefits of consumption control, safety and convenience. More information on Prolix

Features and benefits:

  • Delivered on farm into a trough supplied by the agent
  • Consumption and cost control through Sweet and Sour blends
  • Safe and efficient urea feeding through Bonded Urea
  • Rain safe through Bonded Urea
  • Comprehensive mineral package and the rumen modifier Flavomycin®
  • Improved animal performance – weight gains and fertility
  • Nil capital labour
  • No hidden costs – price quoted is delivered on farm into the trough
  • Fully trained servicemen that operate to industry best practices

Pasture Plus

Pasture Plus is a highly palatable single blend molasses based supplement that is designed to enhance rumen function and animal production. More information...

  • Bulk loads available
  • Balanced supply of non-protein nitrogen, essential trace minerals and vitamins
  • Contains the rumen modifier Flavomycin®
  • Convenient alternative for cattle producers that have previously mixed their own molasses based supplements and have troughs and storage
  • Also available in a SHEEP blend
  • Also available in blends for GREEN FEED and PREPARE specially for Dairy Cattle
  • Pricing is quoted on an individual basis delivered on farm

Peak F

Peak F is a range of liquid suspension supplements produced for use by feedlots, dairies, seedstock producers and those mixing ruminant feed rations. More information on Peak F

Suspension supplements are a unique medium by which soluble and insoluble concentrates are added to the ration, including urea, vitamins, rumen modifier, salt and other trace elements. Supplements can be formulated on the advice of your nutritionist (minimum quantities apply) or Bundaberg Molasses has produced a generic formulation that can replace dry feedlot supplements.

Advantages of PEAK-F over traditional mediums of concentrate addition:

  • Eliminates dust
  • Improved accuracy of inclusion into the ration
  • Eliminates sifting
  • Formulated to meet the requirements of individual customers
  • Improved inventory control
  • Improved distribution of concentrate into the ration
  • Increased ration formulation flexibility
  • Opportunity purchasing of feedstuffs facilitated
  • No other concentrates needed
  • Improved ration palatability
  • Greater flexibility in concentrate formulation
  • Easy to handle and store
  • Reduced time of feeding operation

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